Three detained for unauthorized money lending activities

IPOH: Police arrested three people, including a woman, on suspicion of being involved in unlicensed online money lending and making criminal threats to the victims, through Operation Vulture in Desa Aman Puri, in Kuala Lumpur, January 3.

Perak Police Chief Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid (pictured) said that after three weeks of intelligence gathering, conducted by the Commercial Crime Investigation Department at Perak Contingent Police Headquarters, police managed to arrest all of the suspects, aged 22, in an apartment at 5 p.m.

He said the union turned an apartment into a call center for illegal online money lending activities.

“The union charges 25-30% interest on the loan within 10 days of the loan grant date, and is suspected of making criminal threats and abusive language against borrowers, members of the family and friends of borrowers who have not made the repayments.

“It has been in operation for almost two years and has changed locations often and used various company names to offer loans online,” he said at a press conference here today. hui.

Mior Faridalathrash said police also seized seven cell phones of different models, two computers, a laptop, two modems and five SIM cards.

He advised the public not to receive loan offers online through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

“The public should not provide personal details, such as name, IC number, email or banking information for online loan offers, but it is advisable to make loan agreements at money lending offices. approved or in the nearest financial institution, “he added.


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