The design of this minimal piggy bank takes “fruits at your fingertips” very literally!

Money is generally not seen as a “handy fruit”, but this money bank is here to change your mindset about abundance and saving! Fruiting is a minimal piggy bank, piggy bank or piggy bank – depending on where you live – that falls out once it has accumulated enough treasures. While most piggy banks are designed for kids, this one has a modern aesthetic to appeal to adults who probably need to save more than a kid!

Fruition is named because your efforts to save literally come to fruition with this design. It demonstrates a semiotic effect that appeals to human psychology and makes us feel good with the amount we have saved. The simple action of dropping the box or “fruit” is both satisfying and rewarding! The piggy bank itself represents the ripe fruit that is ready to be enjoyed along with your savings. The piggy bank is attached to the “tree” with strong magnets which yield to the weight of the money after a certain point. The lower tray is always ready to catch the “fruits” and you can also use it in other ways to store smaller items like keys, masks or stationery.

The “fruit” is made of silicone and magnets, so coins are safe and secure. It can also be reused over and over again. When the “fruit” falls, there is a clicking sound that lets you know it’s time to treat yourself… or to deposit it in the bank. “It tells users when to empty the piggy bank while also giving them a sense of harvest accomplishment,” Kim explains. I love how simple, playful, and vibrant this design is – it really makes piggy banks look like a piece of art for your desktop with a post-art auction premium for your wallet!

Creator: Younghyun Kim


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