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Calcutta: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), investigating cattle and coal smuggling cases in West Bengal, has uncovered crucial information about a chain of operators through which cash receipts and transfers of huge sums of money have taken place.

Senior CBI sources said Sehgal Hossain, the bodyguard of Trinamool Congress strongman Anubrata Mandal and also a West Bengal police officer, set up a money transfer chain among his relatives in this cattle and coal smuggling scam. .

Hossain is currently in CBI custody and central agency detectives have already uncovered huge assets belonging to him in the form of cash, land holdings, multiple residences and gold. This left CBI detectives wondering how a mere state police officer by profession became the owner of such huge assets.

According to initial findings, Hossain used the bank accounts of these relatives for the receipt and transfer of contraband proceeds in exchange for a commission for the use of their bank accounts.

The CBI has already begun interviewing six maternal uncles of Sehgal Hossain, whose bank accounts were allegedly used in this process of receiving and transferring money. Like Hossain, his six maternal uncles, mostly involved in haulage and dump truck rental businesses, have seen their financial assets surge since 2014, when Hossain was handed over Mandal security by state police. By the way, Anubrata Mandal is the President of Birbhum District of Trinamool Congress.

CBI sources further stated that Hossain was probably not the only police personnel in Birbhum to directly or indirectly benefit from this illegal trade. According to Hossain’s diary, the CBI has found the names of a number of current and former police officers in Birbhum, who Central Agency detectives believe are the beneficiaries.

Mandal is under the CBI scanner in two cases. The CBI is tracking him for the cattle and coal smuggling case and has also questioned him twice. The Enforcement Directorate (ED), the investigative arm of the Union Department of Finance, is also carrying out a parallel investigation into the matter. Mandal is also being questioned by the CBI Special Branch for his alleged involvement in the West Bengal post-election violence cases.

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